Oxiteno – Maximizing Efficiency and Savings with Intelligent International Freight Management for the Chemical Industry


Discover how Oxiteno, a multinational leader in the chemical industry, revolutionized its international maritime freight quotation management through its partnership with Cheap2Ship. See how this digital transformation made freight quotations more agile and efficient, delivering remarkable results.

About Oxiteno

Oxiteno was founded in the 1970s, becoming the first company to produce ethylene oxide and derivatives in Brazil, with a plant located in the Petrochemical Hub of the ABC region in São Paulo.

Today, it is a multinational leader in the production of surfactants and specialty chemicals in the Americas. Oxiteno operates 11 industrial units in Brazil, the United States, Mexico, and Uruguay, with two Global Research & Development Centers, three Research & Development Laboratories, and eight commercial offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

In 2022, Oxiteno was acquired by Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited. Oxiteno continues to innovate and adapt to global demands while maintaining a strong commitment to sustainability and excellence.


Túlio, an experienced chemist and innovation management specialist, played a crucial role at Oxiteno by leading innovation strategies and establishing strategic partnerships. Tasked with managing the import operations of raw materials and equipment from Asia and Europe, he faced a highly manual process for international freight quotations.

The process heavily relied on emails and phone calls, consuming significant time and offering limited visibility into proposals and supplier rates. Furthermore, the company aimed to reduce contracted freight costs and enhance operational efficiency.

Cheap2Ship Implementation and Results

The introduction of the Cheap2Ship platform was a game-changer for Oxiteno. By connecting the technical team responsible for international freight quotations with the C2S team, the company chose to automate and optimize its freight quotation processes.

The results were remarkable. The team gained efficiency and productivity, with improved visibility into supplier proposals. The tool also strengthened the compliance and auditing process, enabling the procurement team to focus on strategic decisions.


  • Saving: US$ 14,331.00 (+R$ 70,000.00)
  • ROI related to the tool’s cost and savings over hired freight: 550%
  • 94% improvement in operational efficiency

Testimonial from Túlio Zozolotto, Manager of Innovation Management & Open Innovation at Oxiteno:

“The Cheap2Ship platform brought significant innovation to our laboratory sample management, breaking internal paradigms. We are considering expanding the use of the platform to other areas that also require freight services.”