Road: Freight Table x Spot Freight – How to find the right strategy for your company

The road freight table was one of the items claimed by drivers in the truckers’ strike in 2018, along with other significant changes to the class of this transport sector so that the necessary negotiations were put into effect.

There are still many differing opinions on the topic, but the common goal is that the freight charged by the carriers allows the cost of fairer transportation to the end customer.

After all, we know that shippers usually hire their freight annually, with one or more companies, so that they already know the demands of services and their values.

However, there are freight demands that are difficult to predict and involve customer emergencies, in these cases the most viable alternative is Spot shipping.

What’s next? How to decide for the best option for your actual demand?

In this article we will talk more about this information. Check!

What are the advantages of having a road freight table?

The road freight table brings benefits to those involved in the transport sector. This is because it determines the minimum values for the loads that will occupy all the available space of the vehicle, the also called load stocking.

The National Land Transport Agency (ANTT) has set the negotiated amounts, which are used in partnerships for the movement of goods between shippers and carriers.

However, it is the fact that road transport companies can increase competitiveness and productivity with the use of the road freight table, as well as offer fairer values to their customers.

The calculation of the amounts applied in freight is made based on several variables, including fixed costs of professionals and companies and have a half-yearly term, and can be changed on 20/01 and 20/07.

In addition, the freight value can be adapted to the oscillation of the price of diesel oil, the distance traveled, the type of cargo moved, among other aspects that need to be evaluated according to the profile of the carrier or the operation to be performed.


What kind of information should a road freight table contain?

The purpose of the road freight schedule was to standardize the values through a minimum price charged by small carriers, for example, and autonomous truckers.

With this, the scenario changed and the table became an important tool for the good management of road freight, bringing many advantages.

In addition, the freight table is mandatory throughout the national territory, aiming at a calculation of fair remuneration to move cargo, also covering the activities of collection, displacement and delivery of products.

Freight amount

At this time, the value will be corresponding to the price of the vat – the relationship between the weight and the volume of the cargo that will be transported.

That is, to calculate the vating the formula of height x width x depth x cubagem factor is used, which corresponds to 300 for the case of road transport.


Later, it is necessary to add the charges that will be applied in the road freight table, ensuring an appropriate freight value for the movement of the cargo.

For example, they should be added:

  • dispatch fee;
  • special services such as scheduling;
  • traffic restriction rate (TRT) or delivery difficulty rate (TDE);
  • taxes; and
  • Tolls.

Incidence of taxes

Some types of taxes that are fixed, such as:

  • Tax on The Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS);
  • Social Integration Program (PIS);
  • Contribution to the Financing of Social Security (COFINS);
  • municipal and state rates, according to the route taken.

Places served

It is necessary to check in the road freight table the geographical scope of the carrier, in order to define the regions or cities that will be served.

In addition, it is essential to know the distance between origin and destination, to take into account the costs that influence the freight calculation.

Transit time

Equally important is the mileage of the route, to assess the distance that will be traveled and the time of travel.

Also, consider the characteristics of the route to reach the delivery location. This includes road conditions that can increase the need for vehicle maintenance, as well as the value of tolls to pass through.

It is not uncommon in some places, due to seasonality or other socioeconomic and cultural factors, to require longer transit time and, consequently, an increase in overall cost.

What is Spot Shipping?

Spot freight is a type of contracting in the road freight table performed apart from the regular contract between the shipper and the carrier. It is always necessary to deliver urgent cargo and in the shortest possible time, thus requiring a new freight quotation.

Given its emergency nature, this model is not very negotiated, being suggested only for specific cases, often with the value of the freight higher than that established in the contract.

Characteristics of Spot freight in the road modal

Faced with a differentiated cargo, with peculiar characteristics, the person responsible for boarding is advised to spot freight to ensure agility and compliance with the delivery time.

There are some features for this mode of freight, which are:

  • non-standard cargo of the product portfolio;
  • unforeseen demand, immediately on an emergency basis or by special requirement of the client;
  • urgent demand with immediate delivery to meet the deadline.

What do I need to know to review a road freight quote?

The road freight table is a tool that defines a fair and appropriate price for the reality of each company, in addition to benefiting them in other ways.

Understand the priority of the operation

With a well-structured table, prioritizing price, time of receipt or specialized service, your quotation will observe all relevant aspects that will allow, therefore, to reach the final value of the freight.

Understand antt standards

The standards require the evaluation of the identity of the cargo, in which range the goods fits in the table, as well as requires calculating the minimum freight value for the desired demand and is subject to the semiannual change of values, as well as the oscillation of the value of diesel.


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