Josapar – Transforming Rice Logistics with Cheap2Ship

Discover the success story of Josapar, a giant in the food industry founded in 1922, whose iconic “Tio João” brand is synonymous with quality and tradition. Learn how this leader in food products optimized its logistics through the innovative Cheap2Ship platform.

Introducing Josapar

Originating in Rio Grande do Sul, Josapar is one of Brazil’s leading food producers. Today, its products are found in establishments across the country and are exported to over 40 nations, solidifying its position as a key supplier to the national retail industry.

  • Industry: Food & Beverages
  • Headquarters: Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Results with Cheap2Ship

With the adoption of the Cheap2Ship freight quotation platform, Josapar revolutionized the management and contracting of international freight, achieving remarkable results:

  • +90% operational efficiency
  • -27% reduction in contracted freight costs
  • Approximately R$ 100,000 in savings on maritime freight contracts within the first month of using the system

The Challenge

“Tio João” rice, Josapar’s flagship product exported to various countries, faces challenges related to logistics costs. The need to maintain global competitiveness and the financial health of the company requires an optimized and cost-effective approach to international freight costs.

The value of freight becomes a crucial variable in Josapar’s international sales process.

Until then, the export team faced a strenuous process based on email exchanges and phone calls to negotiate with various freight agents. This resulted in:

  • Time spent compiling proposals in different formats
  • Confusing communication and loss of negotiation history
  • Difficulty in tracking contracted values over time and measuring savings obtained from freight.

Luciano Targa, Director of Export and Digital Channels at the company, comments on the complexity of rice operations:

“Freight is very predominant in the rice business because the product has very low added value. For example, a container of rice is worth USD 20,000.00… while a container of coffee costs USD 200,000.00. That’s why freight weighs heavily on the value of the merchandise. So for us (Josapar), this freight negotiation is crucial…”

The Solution

To overcome these challenges, the Josapar team adopted the Cheap2Ship freight quotation platform, a digital solution that redefined its international logistics operations.

Through this tool, the team centralized proposals from its freight agents with a single quotation, increasing operational efficiency. Viewing and comparing different rates and values became clearer and more objective.

In the very first month, Josapar achieved a return on investment in Cheap2Ship. Savings of R$ 100,000 in a single quoted and contracted shipment demonstrated the platform’s negotiation methodology’s impact.

“Cheap2Ship is of great importance to our operation.

We are always requesting quotations from freight agents and shipping companies. Cheap2Ship has helped us in this aspect and has been very successful. We have already requested some quotations and achieved significant freight reductions.”

Luciano Targa – Director of Export and Digital Channels

The Success of the Josapar-Cheap2Ship Partnership

With the Cheap2Ship platform, Josapar streamlined the process of obtaining proposals for international shipments, increased management control, and experienced a 90% increase in operational efficiency, resulting in overall satisfaction.

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