Export Processing Zone: Agility and Benefits in Foreign Trade

The Export Processing Zone (EPZ) is a specially designed area for the processing of articles intended for export.

With a fiscally neutral structure, this environment offers significant advantages for companies looking to expand their international business and optimize their export operations.

What is an Export Processing Zone?

An Export Processing Zone is a delimited area protected by special legislation where manufacturers and traders have the possibility to process, manipulate, or store goods before sending them to the international market.

These zones are considered extensions of the Brazilian customs territory, but with specific fiscal and tax benefits that encourage export activities.

Benefits of Using the Export Processing Zone

EPZs offer several benefits to companies that choose to use them in their export operations:

  • Special Tax Incentives: Companies located in EPZs can benefit from special tax incentives, resulting in a significant reduction in production and export costs. This is because within these zones, there is exemption or reduction of taxes and import tariffs.
  • Greater Competitiveness in the International Market: With tax incentives and cost reduction, companies operating in EPZs have the opportunity to offer more competitive prices for their products in the international market, increasing their chances of gaining new customers and markets.
  • Logistics and Processing Facilities: EPZs are strategically located, facilitating access to ports, airports, and other transportation infrastructure. Additionally, companies have the convenience of processing goods within the zone itself, streamlining the export process and reducing delivery times.
  • Attraction of Foreign Investments: EPZs attract foreign investments as they offer a secure and attractive environment for international businesses. This boosts the local economy and stimulates job creation and new business opportunities.

EPZs in Brazil: A Path to Foreign Trade

Brazil has several Export Processing Zones strategically located in different states across the country. These EPZs have played a fundamental role in boosting Brazilian foreign trade, contributing to market diversification, attracting investments, and strengthening the productive sector.

With 14 EPZs spread across the Brazilian territory, entrepreneurs have the option to choose the most suitable location for their operations. From the Acre EPZ in the north of the country to the Uberaba EPZ in the southeast, each of these zones offers unique opportunities for companies looking to expand their operations in the global market.


Export Processing Zones are strategic and fiscally neutral spaces that allow companies to process, manipulate, and store goods destined for export. With special tax incentives and logistical facilities, EPZs become an advantageous option for companies wishing to expand their international business.

By using an EPZ as part of their foreign trade strategy, companies can reduce costs, increase competitiveness in the global market, attract foreign investments, and optimize their export processes.

In doing so, they position themselves more strategically and efficiently on the international stage, ensuring growth and success in the globalized market.

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