Digital Freight Forwarder – What is it and what changes for traditional freight forwarders?

Currently, it is perceived that the entire international supply chain assiduously follows the trends of cutting-edge technology. And these are well used in the industrial sector. Given this, the digital freight forwarder ends up becoming essential in the main digitized processes for foreign trade companies.

After all, these players know that customers book their shipments or request their freight quotes through mobile devices, which are increasingly used for routine tasks.


In this sense, it is almost mandatory for freight forwarders to transform their manual operations into digitized processes, leaving aside old patterns executed through phone calls or a series of repetitive and endless emails.

This will allow the transformation of the services provided, focusing on the customers’ business and through a safer and much more effective approach.

In this article we will know, therefore, about the digital freight forwarder. In particular, what are the reasons for hiring one and what is the expectation for the future of this modality of international service delivery.

What does a digital freight forwarder do?

The freight forwarder is the professional specialized in the treatment of documents and the physical part of the international shipments of customers. It provides logistics services in a customized way, developing solutions that meet the real needs of customers in any mode of transport.

Therefore, this operational partner chooses the best means of transport, by the most appropriate route, with the most effective freight option. To do so, it can always count on its wide network of suppliers that provide the best service with regard to logistics time/cost.

In addition, the freight forwarder guarantees the movement and delivery of customers’ merchandise under the established terms, conditions and periods. This is because, among many other functions, it is responsible for the processes and agency the availability of transportation, contracts logistics services, collection and shipment of goods.

E-forwarding techniques

However, with the constant emergence of cutting-edge technologies in international logistics, foreign trade has seen a significant expansion of digital operations in everyday business.

In the same way as e-mail or e-commerce that are acronyms of mail and e-commerce, the concept of e-forwarding means the electronic freight forwarding.

As a consequence, it is observed today the digitalization providing more and more the intermediation in the contracting in the sector of cargo transport. Before, this was usually done through the websites or platforms of the carriers. Now importers and exporters can connect directly to purchase freight services over the internet.

And it is in this scenario that the digital freight forwarder enters with its sales process digitized. This includes quotes and reservations, effectively for your customers.

Why should I hire a freight forwarder?

The digital freight forwarder is the professional who accompanies Logistics 4.0 to position himself with differential in the sector in which he operates. This is because it uses cutting-edge technology and digital platforms, such as Big Data, AI or Cloud Computing, to perform tasks pertinent to cargo transport processes.


Comparison of rates in a few clicks

The digital freight forwarder makes coordinating and controlling the movement of goods a more agile and easy task.

Thus, a digital freight forwarder provides its customers with the execution of all tasks through the use of digital platforms that offer the instant generation of accurate information and the choice of the best forward quote option that meets the real demand.

Agility in route management

Given all the expertise of a digital freight forwarder, the provision of its services includes the systems of tracking of goods. They are applications that update the foreign trade entrepreneur and his customers on the location and status of the cargo sent.

That is, all parties involved in the procedure maintain a level of communication with the final consumer, until the delivery of the product is effected at the destination.

In addition, the process of sending the loads is simplified, through the digital freight quotation. In this way, time is saved, costs and the manual work that is performed in companies is reduced.

As a result, there is a fundamental benefit for the daily lives of managers, whose services are optimized, productivity leveraged and results in the economy confirmed.

Information archived in the cloud

Through the provision of services from a good digital freight forwarder, the storage of data related to the processes of sending the goods is centralized, which reduces the risks of delay or loss of products, in addition to positively fostering the commercial relationship with the customer.

After all, with the use of digital technology it will be possible to track shipments and keep communication with suppliers and customers always fluid. In addition, manage documentation more effectively.

As a result, there is a more reliable relationship environment, with defined responsibilities, and that promotes trust in sharing documents with third parties.

What will the future of freight forwarding look like?

The latest global event in the health crisis resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic has led to an atypical increase in the use of new technologies. He migrated the traditional model of international operations to digitized processes.


As a consequence, freight forwarding companies had to improve themselves to keep up with technological advancement and improve customer service. Especially since they were looking for solutions that would execute the demands with more efficiency and agility.

The future of freight forwarding is exciting, as there are several innovative techniques to transform the development of international processes.

Because the effects of digitization are far-reaching, connecting the information available as goods are transported.

With the use of digital technology, companies track their shipments by GPS or telematics systems. As a result, short lead times and low costs, as well as the automation of the tasks involved in freight and international logistics.

As if that were not enough, digitalization makes the industry more transparent and improves customer service, as well as allowing companies to explore new markets, expanding their operations and increasing their profits.

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