Acquisition of logistics services: how to find the best partner for your operation?

In this article we will cover some main logistics services and also some good tips for choosing the ideal partner.

After all, the acquisition of logistics services is essential for the economy, because it encompasses a set of technical activities that are responsible for ensuring the provision of services of the movement in the flow of cargo, in addition to production, through storage, until distribution to the final customer.

The main objective of international operational logistics is the search for efficiency and cost reduction in companies.

Thus, managers usually hire the specialized service provider as a strategy for the realization of what does not dominate and still position themselves well in the market in which it operates.

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Logistics services: what are they and what are their objectives?

The acquisition of logistics services is very important for that activity in which you are not an expert, because logistics operations vary from the production of the finished product, through transportation and storage, until it is distributed and reaches the final customer, thus completing the chain cycle.

An operational partner specialized in the activity you seek, you can provide a good service, so that it positively influences the purchase experience of your customer.

For, the goal is to deliver the right product, in the exact quantity, on the agreed time, without breakdowns, at the specified location, at an affordable cost, to the increasingly demanding final consumer.

Who provides the logistics services?

Called PSL (Logisticservice Provider) perform various service options within the chain, such as: transportation, storage or customs clearance, through a contract established between the parties, always with the clear and widespread objectives.

Some logistics operators have a fleet for the transport of goods or space in distribution centers for the storage of products, providing all the necessary physical resources.

There are already other logistics operators who act as managers of activities, that is, provide the experience and knowledge to optimize the chain of partners.

What are the main activities provided in logistics services?

The acquisition of logistics services refers to a variety of activities essential for the operation of companies and their economy. Below, we’ll talk about some that can be hired.

Production line logistics

In this operational process there is the management and control of materials, labor and all the information of the procedures in the production line.

In the acquisition of this nature, the objective is for the operational part to become more efficient, by forecasting demand, to estimate the appropriate production to meet the orders made.

Application process

This step is fundamental to the logistics routine and will have a major impact on the end consumer’s shopping experience.

To this end, it must be arranged in stages in order to maintain the promise of delivery, such as: preparation, transmission, separation and packaging and the sending of information with the tracking code.

Storage management

Companies need to keep track of inventory so that the organization of products meets customer demands and thus follow-up through purchase and sale reports.

However, good inventory management helps in decision making, which will result in efficient processes with fewer operating costs.

Storage and packaging

The space defined to store the products should include location, dimensions and air conditioning. In addition, the choice of distribution center should take into account the routes, proximity of customers, rent of the shed, among others.

Another crucial point is the packaging that will package the product properly, so that no damage occurs during movement. Nevertheless, it must be arranged in the vehicle in a way that takes the most advantage of space and has no difficulty in landing the goods.

Freight transport

Responsible for 2/3 in the acquisition of logistics services, transportation ensures the distribution and commercialization of products, through the definition of optimized routes, considering several variables for the success of the service delivery in the logistics chain.

It refers to the planning of deliveries and their specificities, because being a complex activity it is essential to script the plans through the best paths, following this execution with the help of specialized software in the task.

What tips to follow in choosing by the logistics operator?

The acquisition of logistics services will have great importance for the success or operational failure of the activities, because the choice of the ideal partner must be made with discretion, given their real need and safety in determining the provision of the relevant service the current reality of their demands.

The choice by the operational partner must be based on the capacity that will have in the delivery of the product, in the given place, in perfect conditions, taking into account the costs and contractual conditions, in addition to the infrastructure offered for the execution of the contracted services.

In the course of reading this article, we will give you some tips that should be considered at the time of this important choice.

Negotiation with partners

For better time optimization in this initial step, make quotes or online searches by potential logistics partners, so that the chances of getting it right are aligned with the choice by the one that is in accordance with your logistics demand.

Given the information collected, make a face-to-face visit to companies to understand which one fits the most with your business profile, without neglecting vital points for your reality.

For, with a direct contact it is easier to analyze the policy, structure and equipment of the service provider, as well as its way of communicating, so that the manager can make sure of the data collected on the Internet without any “makeup” that is not representing reality.

Consider cost-benefit with the added value of services

To carry out the partnership, the contracting company is already reducing its spending on taxes and labor charges, by outsourcing. However, the secret is not only to consider the main value as the only factor of choice.

That is, through a hasty choice, the “cheap can be expensive” and thus it is necessary to carry out an assessment within the decision, with respect to cost-benefit to minimize the impacts by the wrong options.

Therefore, the most important will be the value it adds to its operational tasks, through the improvement of activities and with the prioritization capacity that the partner will perform the contracted services.

Focus on cultural alignment and information flow

It is not enough for the service providerto present a good or easy executionof the activities, in the same way in price negotiation, if, on the other hand, the values and the philosophy of work are not aligned with their own.

In principle, this issue will not be well understood, because for the future partnership to be a successful business it is important to take this point into consideration and thus maintain the strengthening of the vision of your brand, with the same alignment made by the logistics operator.

In addition, the flow of information established in the communication between both parties, can be aided by technological tools, so that they occur at the individual level of activity, maintaining the essential control, in addition to the efficiency of the services that will maintain the healthy and transparent business relationship.

Review your future partner’s history and market name

To know if the service provided will be efficient before your hiring, the best way out will be to analyze the company’s history to understand its ability to perform logistics services and also conduct research with customers who use its services.

Therefore, it will be possible to carry out a study on the profile of the historio in possible relationship problems, difficulties in meeting deadlines or delays in payments, among other factors.

The inquiry of relevant information on the strengths and weaknesses of the logistics operator for other customers will guide their classification in the partnership.

In this sense, it will be able to make sure the competence of the desired service provider, with respect to its ethical posture and regularity with documentary and fiscal transparency.

Expand contacts and maintain a good relationship

I’m sure every intelligent strategy, when well developed, will present countless chances of success with more successes.

Thus, it is worth considering the logic by seeking new partnerships in the acquisition of logistics services, with a greater possible number of companies.

Through a good screening, separate those logistics operators who work according to their values and with prices that are within your business profile, facilitating your search as much as possible.

Just as the choice for the service of excellence must also be based on the structure offered by the operator, so that it is in accordance with the peculiar needs of the processes of your company.

That is, it is very interesting to choose to evaluate the size or conditions of the fleet that will perform the movement of goods, in the same way the perception by the location of the warehouses, if close to urban centers, offering appropriate conditions to the specificities in the storage of products marketed by your company.